Rediscover Your Perfect Home: Navigating Right-Sizing and Downsizing as a Baby Boomer

Rediscover Your Perfect Home: Navigating Right-Sizing and Downsizing as a Baby Boomer


Hey Halifax! Welcome back to our blog! I’m Brenda K with Brenda K’s Halifax Home Selling Group; tuning in from the beautiful city of Halifax, Nova Scotia! In this post, I want to delve into downsizing and the concept of right-sizing, especially for baby boomers like myself. As a product of the vibrant 60s and 70s, I have experienced a lot, and my age gives me a unique perspective on this topic. So, let’s explore why right-sizing is essential and how it played a significant role in my own life.

Discovering the Need for Right-Sizing:

A few years ago, my husband and I became empty-nesters. Suddenly, we found ourselves in an 11-room house—a classic two-story style with plenty of space, our family home. From a lifestyle standpoint, I still enjoyed hosting family holiday dinners and gathering loved ones for special occasions. Square footage wasn’t the issue; it was the layout and style that needed reconsideration.

Assessing Our Needs:

We sat down and evaluated our actual use of the house. It turned out that we only needed five rooms: a living room, kitchen with an eating area, master bedroom with a home office, and an occasional guest bedroom. With this realization, we decided to focus on finding a style of home that fit our current needs, whether it be a main-level home or a one-level living home. My husband and I also love having a backyard space, so while a condo may have been a fleeting thought, it didn’t suit our needs or lifestyle.

Shopping for the Right Style:

Armed with a clear idea of our requirements, our exploration led us to a style that perfectly suited our stage of life—a Rancher. This choice allowed us to avoid downsizing and instead embrace right-sizing. As we entered our new home, we were greeted by a spacious open concept—a blend of kitchen, living room, and dining area. The master bedroom featured an ensuite, and we had a separate guest bedroom with a bathroom. Additionally, having a home office was crucial for our needs. Lastly, we desired a bit more space for outdoor activities, as my husband really enjoys spending time working on the lawn.

The Perfect Timing:

Our right-sizing journey occurred at the ideal time in our lives. We weren’t quite ready for retirement or the thought of downsizing into a small condo or apartment. Instead, we found a home that was the perfect fit, allowing us to embrace our current lifestyle and needs. While we recognize that a day will come when we’ll opt for a more relaxed setting and leave the big holiday gatherings behind, that time isn’t here yet. There’s a substantial gap between being empty-nesters and fully retiring. In our case, it spans around 12 to 15 years from the time we bought our current home to when we anticipate downsizing.

Looking Ahead:

If you’re a baby boomer or someone considering right-sizing, I’d love to have a chat with you! We understand the unique needs and desires of this generation, and we can help you navigate the real estate landscape based on where you are in life. As a baby boomer, I’m passionate about helping individuals in similar stages of life make informed decisions regarding their real estate needs. Whether you’re contemplating downsizing or finding the perfect fit like we did, let’s discuss your options.

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