Sink or Swim? Decoding the Impact of Pools on Home Values

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In the realm of home investments, swimming pools have become a topic of interest, especially considering their potential impact on property value. Amidst the changing landscape of home amenities, spurred further by the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for backyard pools surged across Canada, with Halifax residents enduring waitlists of up to a year!  But the question still remains: does adding a pool to your home hurt or hinder its sale? Let’s dive in!

Above-Ground Pools:

Starting with above-ground pools, it’s important to note that they typically contribute little to no value to a home. Viewed as temporary fixtures, they may even deter potential buyers, particularly if they consume a significant portion of the backyard. While removal is an option, it comes with its own set of challenges and costs, including cleanup and restoration of the surrounding landscape. Additionally, the necessity of decking further adds to the expenses and maintenance burden. While above-ground pools may serve as sources of personal enjoyment, their impact on home value is often minimal.

In-Ground Pools:

In contrast, in-ground pools have the potential to enhance property value, albeit with certain caveats. The upkeep and maintenance of these pools play a pivotal role in their perceived value, with well-maintained pools faring better in the real estate market. Advances in pool technology have streamlined maintenance processes, making them more appealing to prospective buyers. Moreover, factors such as placement, design, landscaping, and safety features significantly influence the pool’s desirability and, consequently, its impact on home value.

A Real-Life Scenario:

Illustrating this point is a past client’s experience with a property in Colby Village. Despite the home’s impeccable interior renovations, including a lavish kitchen and updated bathrooms, the presence of an in-ground pool posed challenges during the sale. With the entire yard dedicated to the pool, coupled with safety concerns regarding young children, the pool failed to add value to the property. In this instance, the pool’s presence even limited the pool of potential buyers, underscoring the importance of balance and practicality in pool installation.

In essence, while an in-ground pool holds the potential to enhance home value, its impact hinges on various factors, including maintenance, design, landscaping, and safety considerations. Ultimately, homeowners should prioritize their lifestyle preferences and enjoyment when deciding to install a pool, recognizing that its financial return may not always align with the investment. As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of real estate, understanding the nuances of home amenities like swimming pools remains crucial in making informed decisions.

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